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I have something to say!“ I’m a doctoral student in counseling psychology doing my internship at Prehab. Most of my clients are children between the ages of two and twelve years of age who have been diagnosed with having either Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or trauma related to sexual abuse. Mr. Bop Man was presented to me during a monthly meeting of the Arizona Association for Play Therapy. I immediately ordered one for my office. It is, without a doubt, the most popular toy used in my sessions with children They are encouraged to use it in releasing the anger from their bodies in a positive way. Because of its effectiveness, several of the parents have bought Mr. Bop Man for their children to use in the home as well.”



I have something to say!“The REF BOP BAG has turned out to be a wonderfully therapeutic tool in my practice. I use it in my office and take it with me when I do groups for latency age youngsters and adolescents. Because I feel so strongly about people not being abusive to one another-using a replica allows frustration and angry feelings to be directed in a different manner. As a matter of fact I have utilized it in teaching and with families as well in a mediation role , bring in the referee into the proc4ess of decision making. Each family member, or group participant gives what they think the referee might give as his/her decision. It has found its way into my catalog for other mental health professionals because of its usefulness.”



I have something to say!“The therapists at Nova use THE REF BOP BAG as a therapeutic aid for children to vent feelings of anger, rage and frustrations.
This enables children to process feelings in an appropriate rather than inappropriate manner.”



I have something to say!“ Following a conference on play therapy, your bop bag was selected to be a part of our play therapy room. Since that time I have found it to be most useful in demonstrating an appropriate release of anger and frustration while enabling younger children to successfully work through situations where they had been placed in rather helpless positions. This has been useful to empower not only young children, but the bop bag has also been purchased by  adult clients dealing with repressed childhood trauma. It has been quite successful not only in helping them release years of pent up anger and frustration, but it also helps their children see them positively dealing with this very intense and often disruptive emotion. I have even purchased one for my children and one for my brother. Again as a model for what is appropriate behavior when these feelings are present. In conclusion I would say the your bop bag is a positive edition to any family and a great way to strengthen positive emotions while learning healthfully to deal with anger and frustration.”



I have something to say!“ Every home in America should have THE THERAPEUTIC BOP BAG.”